In today’s fast pace lifestyle, it is difficult to get a handle on proper nutrition and exercise. Poor nutrition and lack of exercise can have devastating effects on your health. If you are overweight, you increase your risk of over 30 different diseases.

So how do you break out and start a new you, without pills, “fad” diets, expensive club memberships? MyFitnessTracker is the right choice!

Think of MyFitnessTracker as an exercise and dietary trainer, helping you to understand how proper balance of these two important factors affects your well-being. MyFitnessTracker is anonymous and private; no advertisements, resident cookies, or spyware.

First, you set reasonable goals for both nutrition and exercise. Next, you simply enter you daily food consumption and exercise using fast and easy to use screens. It takes about 3-5 minutes a day over the internet; a small amount of time with a very large return.

MyFitnessTracker will do the rest, providing meaningful feedback to help guide you to your goals. As you track what you do today, you will experience a subtle attitude change that will have a profound impact on what you eat and how you exercise tomorrow.

MyFitnessTracker will help you lose weight, see the benefits of exercise and feel better, both physically and mentally.
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